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About Us


EverBLUE Alliance effectively serves the oil industry, the environment and the public. 

EverBLUE Alliance utilizes multiple blended-technologies and an innovative process to environmentally clean and recycle flow back frac water.....


The EverBLUE Foundation is 

a non-profit formed to allow the Alliance members the opportunity to support the following efforts of the foundation.

Water for Orphans

The Alliance works with organizations in North America and around the world that provide clean water and clean water systems to children and orphanages.

Emergency Water Systems for Communities

The Alliance Members purchase Emergency Water Cleaning Systems and awards them to  small communities in and around the Shale Fields. This will a clean water supply in disasters or emergency situations.

Wounded Warrior Project

The EverBLUE Foundation supports our service men and women who have been wounded defending us as well as their families.

EverBLUE Alliance is laser focused on multi-apsects of water treatment and recycling.

Mud Management within both mobile and stationary modalities will meet and exceed expectations...